The PregActive Method

The PregActive Method is an innovative online health and fitness program designed for women preparing for pregnancy, during pregnancy and recovering after childbirth. Our program is recommended and endorsed by Midwives, OBGYNs, Doulas, Nurses, and Physical Therapists.

PregActive has revolutionised prenatal and postpartum fitness via our online studio. Our method is redefining how women exercise when pregnant. We provide you with safe and effective workouts to keep you fit during pregnancy. And once you have had your baby we will help you heal and re-strengthen postpartum.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to empower you through exercise and movement to safely exercise throughout your postpartum recovery. The PregActive Method provides you with the required tools to help you stay connected to your body as it heals from childbirth.

Our postpartum workouts promote a speedy recovery helping you to achieve your post birth goals and regain confidence in your body again to perform how you want it to perform. We teach you valuable tools that will physically and mentally prepare you for motherhood. We also show you how to heal diastasis recti, strengthen pelvic floor, stop incontinence, and other pregnancy-related complications.

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What You Can Expect

At PregActive we live by our code where we do not judge. We respect all women and provide a positive and welcoming environment. We operate with integrity and honesty.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service. Our goal is to support and promote a healthy lifestyle to all pregnant women and new mothers. We’re here to give you the best information and facts we have, based on our experiences as; Women’s Health Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, health professionals, personal trainers, prenatal and postnatal exercise instructors and mothers.

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Participating in the most innovative and functional workouts developed by our experienced postnatal health and medical team in the comfort of your own home. We have included scientifically proven training techniques, tools and exercises to create our cutting-edge postpartum workouts. Our weekly workouts strengthen your core and pelvic floor in every workout.

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How We Can Help You

Throughout my years teaching The PregActive Method, I know that exercise is essential during each trimester of pregnancy for both mother and baby. I also know just how important recovery is after childbirth. You feel the pressure of re-gaining your pre-baby body back. And as a result, I see too many women performing dangerous activities, movements and exercises that can potentially cause mother more harm.

Who is PregActive for?

PregActive is for every mama that has been approved for exercise by their health care professional. Our PregActive Method has been specifically designed to help YOU, the mother; to regain trust in your body again after pregnancy.

Exercising, eating healthy foods, getting the right nutrients, living a healthy lifestyle are a necessity to ensure your good health. Through regular exercise and participation in functional postpartum training; PregActive will help you eliminate many discomforts and injuries you may have sustained when pregnant.

Our proven methodology is backed by extensive research which shows that adopting the right postnatal fitness program will provide you with endless benefits. Our postpartum workouts  will challenge you both mentally and physically, while we integrate our proven and safe techniques seamlessly into each workout.

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Our Postpartum Workouts

Our workouts provide you with a total body workout that will improve your overall strength. We believe every woman should include our PregActive core workouts into their training. Our unique and specific core techniques use deep core engagement to keep your abdominal muscles strong. With our workouts, you will increase your energy levels, upper and lower body strength, feel more invigorated, and regain that trust in your body.

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Why You Should Get PregActive

Quite simply, because you deserve it. Your health and well-being matters after pregnancy and we are here for you! The PregActive Method provides you with valuable health, fitness and wellbeing tools; preconception, during pregnancy and as a new mother. We provide movement modifications specific to pregnancy that deliver research-backed health benefits to you. Our exercise workouts are a valuable investment to your health.

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Real Women. Real Results

We are here to support you during your biggest life-changing experience – motherhood. You deserve to access the best exercises and workouts as your recover post-childbirth. Our PregActive method was created with you in mind. You must have trust in your postnatal instructor. See why women trust PregActive – Read Testimonials >

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