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My online postpartum fitness classes will help you with diastasis recti repair, losing baby weight and gaining trust in your body again.
Recommended by health professionals and mamas just like you.

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Welcome to PregActive for Mamas

PregActive provides mamas with a safe and effective online, at-home postpartum workout plan. Our innovative techniques are backed by scientific evidence and have been have been proven to help reduce and heal injury-based diastasis recti along with common pregnancy related injuries.


NOW is the time to stay safe. Workout from home. Get safe and trusted workouts created by postnatal fitness experts.


Receive a guided weekly at-home postpartum workout plan that gives you the flexibility to choose your workout.


New postpartum workouts and classes added every week. Workout anywhere, anytime on your favorite mobile devices.

Get Fit. Trust in Your Body Again.


Achievable at-home workouts that work. Guidance from trusted health professionals. Nutritional information that will nurture your body. On demand yoga and relaxation classes.


We integrate our innovative techniques and years of experience into each safe functional exercise you do. Our workouts are safe, but challenging. Your health after childbirth matters!


We will show you how to strengthen your pelvic floor and deep core in every exercise as strive to also lose baby weight. Heal diastasis recti with the right abdominal exercises.

Stay Safe. Avoid the Gym. Workout at Home.

Whether you’re choosing PregActive to heal diastasis recti, get fit again, lose baby weight or want convenient at-home workouts; we’re confident PregActive will help you become a healthier, happier you.

FREE AT-Home Postpartum Workouts

Inside Studio PregActive – What You Get

For the past five years, we have had over 100,000 women view, join or workout to our online videos. Now, it’s your turn to be strong and fit for motherhood! Every week you will get postpartum workouts, pelvic floor exercises, core workouts, podcasts and more!

Post Pregnancy Workouts you can do at home
Pelvic floor exercises postpartum and Kegel exercises to stop urinary incontinence
How to heal diastasis recti naturally
Postpartum yoga workouts, exercises and videos you can do at home
Postpartum core workout

See Why Our Members Trust PregActive!

I’m So Grateful!

I’m so grateful to have had this program, so easy to use and doing it from home meant I could slot it in around my life as a Mother of three boys.


Thank you Kerryn and PregActive

I have started the PregActive Post Pregnancy online program and I’m feeling really positive. I’m following the modules and not skipping any – I’m going to do right by my body this time! I can always log on and have get some support from PregActive! So thank you Kerryn and PregActive. Through my journey into motherhood you’ve been an amazing support!.”


I Love PregActive’s Online Program

I love PregActive’s online post pregnancy program, being able to do workouts at home after the birth of my 3rd baby was amazing, finding time to get out to the gym would’ve been impossible.


I Thoroughly Enjoyed the PregActive Classes

“As a physiotherapist working the field of women’s health it is wonderful to know women are able to exercise safely with these PregActive workouts during their childbearing years. Kerryn does a great job at running these classes in a relaxing and fun manner.”

Christel – Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Thanks Kerryn!

I was fortunate enough to be referred to PregActive by a Physiotherapist. I have been doing PregActive workouts since I was six weeks pregnant. I have learned so much about the body in pregnancy and labour, along with learning a range of gentle exercises that have helped me to increase core strength and flexibility.


See the Results!

Postpartum Photos 8 weeks. Post pregnancy exercises that work

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Connect with Mamas and go on this exciting journey together.

At the start, you’re inundated with offers of help, before long, the meals stop coming, the washing starts piling up and your partner goes back to work. The PregActive online community is a hub of activity where women can interact, chat and have their questions answered.

Why PregActive is for You

My PregActive for Mamas program takes a holistic approach to your postpartum recovery in helping you to re-gain your body confidence. What makes my program unique is that it includes functional exercises designed for new mamas that will help you get strong, lean and fit for motherhood.

AND at the foundation of it all, is a guided 12 week program that will strengthen the muscles of your core thus narrowing your diastasis recti is one of many beneficial effects.

Just Imagine

Re-gaining trust in your body again to function how you want it to. And look how you want it to!


PregActive is recommended by OB.GYN’s, Physical therapists, PT’s and Exercise Physiologists.

Real Women. Real Results.

Our online program is realistic, challenging, and has delivered results for women just like you!

At-Home Postpartum Workouts

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