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Pelvic Floor Exercises Postpartum – What You Must Know

Pelvic Floor Exercises Postpartum are often also called Kegel exercises and are promoted as the starting point for building pelvic floor strength. You should perform Kegel exercises during pregnancy and after childbirth. Pelvic floor, pelvic girdle pain, overactive pelvic floor, and even a video at the end dedicated to PF exercises.

Post Pregnancy Body Changes

There is no predicting which of the following post pregnancy body changes, if any, you will experience after pregnancy. While there are risk factors or signs, it will vary with each individual.

Start Celebrating Your Small Daily Wins!

Start Celebrating Your Small Daily Wins! Do you find yourself punishing yourself for failing to do something right? Not doing your workout? Not completing a daily chore that needed to be done? You see, we often seem to punish ourselves with guilt for bad behavior.

Diastasis Recti Exercises Postpartum – Safe. And Trusted.

Diastasis Recti Exercises Postpartum. Do you think you have diastasis recti (abdominal separation)? Need some trusted diastasis recti exercises for women? Got abdominal separation? I am here to help you. Healing diastasis recti takes time. Fixing ab separation cannot be done by some magic exercise. NO exercises will cure or stop your DR

Postpartum Care Home Visits – What You Can Expect!

The first six weeks following your baby’s birth (postpartum care period) is a very important time not only for your baby, but also for your own health and well-being. All too often postnatal care for mother is neglected as priority is given to baby.

Postpartum Recovery After Childbirth

Here's What to Expect with Your Postpartum Recovery After Childbirth. During the days and weeks after the delivery of your baby it is vital that you understand what changes will occur to your body and what it takes to recover during this postpartum recovery period.

Lose Baby Weight for Good – Here’s How to Do it!

There are some women who have no problem returning to their pre-pregnancy weight while others struggle when they want to lose baby weight. Once you have completed your postpartum recovery, then, and only then, should you prioritise losing weight.

Having a Baby – 21 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About

Having a Baby - 21 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About. Unless you have had a baby you are unlikely to really know what to expect during the weeks and months following birth. So here is what you need to know about having a baby.

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PregActive empowers mamas with safe, effective at-home postpartum workouts. Our innovative techniques are backed by scientific evidence and have been have been proven to help naturally heal injury-based diastasis recti along with common pregnancy related injuries. Got that unwanted post-baby tummy? Not feeling confident or sexy? Want to get back in shape and have some ‘me time?’ We’re here to help you.

Safe, effective at-home postpartum workouts. 8 Weeks Postpartum Photos

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