Working Out at Home After Childbirth

I loved teaching my postpartum exercise classes in-studio and getting to chat to all my amazing mamas. Our PregActive community spirit is amazing and our inspiring tribe are still together. We’re all now just online working at home after childbirth.

And we are all supporting each-other more now than ever. If you are at home, while your partner is out, then I want you to join us and be a part of our PregActive Tribe. We’re all in this together, and we are here for you.

Have your routines been disrupted? Do you have some older children that are now house bound? The world has changed, for now, but my online postpartum workouts are now more important than ever.

Working Out at Home After Childbirth

We Will Stick Together

Yes, it’s a little scary with what we are experiencing, and we don’t have any answers to what will happen next. But one thing that we need now more than ever is to continue working out at home after childbirth. I want you to focus on your health and well-being as you care for your baby.

Right now, you are likely at home. And there are so many benefits to exercising in the privacy and comfort of your home so let’s focus on those.

Benefits of working out at home

1. There’s no travel to and from a gym.

2. No need for childcare.

3. You get to avoid crowded gyms. That’s if they’re still open!

4. Exercise when your baby is sleeping.

5. You can work out in privacy.

6. You can work out in your pyjamas if you want.

7. You have your own toilet and shower right there.

Exercise with your baby

Yes, as your baby lays on the floor, you can exercise right beside them. If you need the time when they’re sleeping to get some jobs done, then it’s OK to workout with them by your side.

Have your own workout room

When possible, dedicate a room for your workouts. Have your mat ready to go. You need this time out mentally as well. So, if possible, get your partner to look after bub to give you some time out.

No-one is making you feel guilty about more screen time

Like many, you often get a guilt trip about handing your phone over to your child to watch a show. Or putting a movie on the TV to free up some time for you.

Right now, the rules have gone out the window. No-one is judging. If it gives you some time for your own exercise then go for it.

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