To Lose Pregnancy Weight You Must Stop Eating On The Go!

Your lifestyle as a busy mother will be very hectic looking after your newborn baby. If you are ready to start losing baby weight, then one action point for you is to stop eating on the go.

I know there is endless running about to complete daily tasks. As well as looking after your other children and even the possibility that you are also committing time to working a job outside of the home.

As a result, more often now than ever you may find yourself eating on the go which is only making it more difficult to lose pregnancy weight.

To Lose Pregnancy Weight You Must Stop Eating On The Go!

The problem with constant eating on the go is that you may satisfy your immediate hunger but you will likely increase your food intake later in the day.

This will lead to the consumption of unnecessary calories and subsequently unwanted weight gain.

In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Health Psychology backed this theory up as the researchers found that people who eat on-the-go may increase their food intake later in the day, resulting in extra weight gain and obesity.

Tips to Avoid Eating on the Go:

Plan your meals ahead and avoid impulsive eating or stopping by the local convenience store to grab something to eat. This is where your meal planner can help you.

To avoid a last minute scramble in the morning try and pack a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks the night before and store it in the fridge.

Locate the healthy food stores near you. If you must eat when you are out then identify the stores or cafes that can provide you with a healthy option.

If you are hungry and stop by any unknown cafe then you will likely select the convenient high-sugar option such as a muffin or banana bread.

While my post pregnancy weight loss program does not get you to count every calorie you take in, it is still advised to have a reasonable idea of the calories you consume.

If you are unaware of the calories in some so-called healthy food items you may be making your challenge of losing pregnancy weight more difficult.

Many of these items can contain a lot of hidden sugars without you even knowing it.

If you do not cook the food you eat then it is difficult to know just exactly how many calories you are consuming. Remember, most cafes or restaurants sell you food where they prioritise taste over the health rating.


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