Lose Baby Weight

……for Good!

There are some women who have no problem returning to their pre-pregnancy weight while others struggle when they want to lose baby weight.

How about you?

Are you struggling to lose weight after childbirth? You’re not alone.

What I don’t want you to do is get on some quick weight loss fad diet. I don’t want you to try some extreme crash exercise program while your body is still recovering after childbirth.

What I do want you to do is implement some positive lifestyle changes that you can sustain for life and keep that weight off!

Lose Baby Weight

How to Lose Baby Weight

1. Avoid the Gimmicks and weight loss fads

The weight loss industry is a huge billion dollar business.

There are that many weight loss, gimmicks and fads on the market that you will fall victim to the great sales tactics used by these companies to get you to buy their products.

Ignore them!

To lose weight you just need to; exercise, eat healthy foods, reduce how much you eat and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

2. Eat Healthy Foods

It is very easy when you are buys caring for your baby to grab the closest snack out of the pantry. The problem is that this will become a habit and eventually you will find yourself foods high in sugar just because they are the easy option.

Instead, stock your pantry and freezer with healthy food options so that the next time you are hungry, you have a healthier food option ready-to-go.

This is also where you can get your support team (friends, family) to make some healthy treats for you.

Eat Healthy Foods to lose baby weight

3. Get strong and build muscle

When you get stronger your metabolism will speed-up which only helps you to lose more weight. You don’t have to go to the gym of lift heavy weights to get stronger.

My workouts include body weight exercises that you can do at home without any equipment.

4. Walk It Off with Baby

When the weather allows you to get outside, grab the stroller and take baby for a walk around the block. As your fitness improves, increase the distance and pace a little each week. Along with getting fresh air, these walks will help boost your mood.

Even better, ask a friend to go on a walk with you to make it more interesting as you chat away.

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5. Set a Goal weight

Start by setting a realistic goal weight. Aim to lose 1-2 lbs each week and avoid running to weight yourself every day.

By having a goal, you will have a target weight to aim for. Your goal must take into account that your body will have changed significantly post baby.

6. Play with baby

Certain post-baby conditions, such as recovering from a caesarean, will require you to avoid exercises and movements in the first few weeks because they may cause further harm.

But when ready, you can join in one of my post-baby workouts in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Besides actively recovering post-baby, my workouts will help boost your mood during those long days inside.

Lose Baby Weight

7. Remove Temptation with a pantry clean-out

Are you finding yourself filling in time by eating? You’re not alone! This is where a lot of women put on weight and find it hard to lose baby weight. What you want to do here is complete a full pantry and fridge make-over.

Get a big box and go through your pantry throwing away all junk food.

The next time you are craving something, you will have a healthy option readily available.

8. Reduce portion size, little by little

How big is your plate? Do you always fill-up your plate with food? Our plates have become bigger and bigger over the years which has also made us eat more. Start by using a smaller dinner plate and over-time reduce the portion size you have.

You will soon find that these subtle changes will make a huge difference over time. Fewer calories in will be a great start!

9. Join a Mums and Bubs Class

While my PregActive online programs allow you to workout at home, I would still love to see you getting out and enjoying a mums and bubs exercise class.

I run several each week and not only are they are great way to work out with bub, but they are a great social get-together.

Lose Baby Weight for Good - Here's How to Do it and Feel Amazing!

10. Stay positive

You will undoubtedly have set-backs and moments where temptation gets the better of you. Don’t’ stress about it. It’s what you do next in getting back on track that is important.

You must focus on what you’ve accomplished so far and the weight you’ve already lost.

11. Eat a healthy breakfast before going to work

We all know how important eating a healthy breakfast is. If you go to work hungry, or nothing else besides your morning coffee, you will be more likely to grab that sweet treat from a local café or the convenience store on the way home.

12. Avoid the mid-morning and afternoon snack attacks

It is often the endless eating in-between meals that make it difficult for you to lose baby weight. We are programmed by society that we need to eat three main meals and also have a morning, afternoon and before bedtime snack.

You will be able to lose weight just by cutting out these unnecessary snacks.

13. Team up with a friend

You must avoid staying at home all day long. So why not find a friend who also shares your goal in losing weight to join you on your weight loss journey. You can book in days when you will go waling or do a postnatal yoga class together.

Can’t leave baby?

No problem, just do a Pregactive class at home.

Lose Baby Weight for Good


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