How it Works

PregActive is the online health and fitness program designed specifically for mamas post pregnancy. We give you safe and effective workouts. One workout does not suit all and your workouts must adapt to help you heal diastasis recti. Our goal is to help as many mamas as possible experience a healthier and empowered recovery after childbirth.

01 Lifetime access

The PregActive Post Baby Program is a medically recommended method designed to fit in with you – quick, 20 minute, achievable, postpartum workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime. You get lifetime access!

02 It’s easy to join.

To get started, create your account. Then you will receive an Email with your login details. You can then immediately login in to our member-only area and gain complete access to our entire program.

03 Select module 1.

There are 12 modules that progressively guide you through 12 weeks of recovery. If life gets busy, you can always pause and return to your current module. Once you have completed a module you click the ‘Mark Complete’ button to move on to the next module.

04 Postpartum workouts.

Each module provides you with an appropriate workout for that week. Each workout takes into account your body changes as you heal after childbirth. You also have a choice of workouts such as participating in a postnatal yoga class.

05 Your health matters!

Listen to our podcasts from our postnatal health experts, watch informative videos from our dietitian and women’s health physio, gain unlimited access to our postnatal health library, relax with our audio sessions, or browse through the most in-depth postnatal health and fitness program online.

Diastasis recti Exercises

I will show you how to heal diastasis recti

06 You’re on your way.

Once you start PregActive, it’s really important to keep going so you can continue to enjoy all the health and convenience benefits. So, make sure you log in regularly to complete your weekly workouts and you will soon re-gain trust in your body to function how you want it to.

I’m Ready to Get Feel Great Again!

A realistic program, tailor-made for busy mothers

We’ve been there: we’re busy, time poor, yet we know that our own health is important. That’s why we have designed a guided, realistic and achievable program to help you r-regain your body confidence and enjoy a speedier recovery.


Learn more about our innovative online studio, workouts & program.



I will help you heal symptoms of urinary incontinence after childbirth.



I am here to help YOU repair your abdominal separation.


I am So Grateful!

I’m so grateful to have had this program, so easy to use and doing it from home meant I could slot it in around my life as a Mother of three boys.




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