Having a Baby

Unless you have had a baby you are unlikely to really know what to expect during the weeks and months following birth.

Having a baby is a life-changing event.

So when preparing for baby it is always good to chat to some of your friends so you can start to prepare for what lies ahead.

However; even if you do speak to your friends who already have children you may always get the full story of what to expect when baby arrives.

So here is what you really need to know about life with a new baby so that you can start preparing now.

21 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Having a Baby

Having a Baby

1.    You will learn that friends as well as strangers will want to recount their stories as a parent with you.

2.    Your washing machine will be getting a daily workout as you try to keep up with all of baby’s dirty clothes.

3.    Every mother will want to tell you the secret to getting your baby to sleep as if they never experienced any problems. Learn to take in advice but it doesn’t mean you have to follow every piece of advice coming your way!

4.    Loud noises or people knocking on your front door can create sudden stress. Oh no, it may just wake up your sleeping baby!

5.    You will reach for the camera many times each day as you try to capture every new development, achievement or funny moment from your baby or child.

6.    Often driving will put your baby to sleep so this can be the most relaxing and quite time you get to spend in a day.

7.    You’ll often find strangers smiling at your baby.

I love how PregActive made me feel when pregnant!

What’s Sleep?

8.    Getting three to four hours of uninterrupted sleep is a dream all new mothers crave.

9.    You will find yourself drawing on your own childish behaviours as you endlessly make funny faces and talk in ‘baby talk.’

10.    Feeling your breasts for fullness becomes the new norm.

11.    As soon as your baby falls asleep you switch over to getting all your daily chores and tasks completed. And without trying to make a noise.

12.    If you have a partner by your side, you will find yourself craving the moment you can hand over baby. Ah yes, a moment of relaxation!

13.    Your baby’s ‘fluff’s or ‘farts’ become a constant cause of laughter.

14.    You discover just how many tasks you can complete with one hand while holding baby in the other hand.

I’m a Mama, My Life is Very Busy!

15.    What clothes you are wearing, or how your hair looks, suddenly don’t matter as you go out in public at a moment’s notice.

16.    Unless you take care of your back, you will start to constantly experience back pain.

17.    It will be the small things in the drawer such as baby wipes and creams that find to be the greatest inventions ever.

18.    Before you had a baby you may have been repulsed by body fluids. Now, you will find that your baby’s body fluids are just a common occurrence.

19.    Your social life will consist of meeting with friends who also have children so that they can play and entertain each other.

20.    When your first baby is born you will have to entertain more visitors at your home in a matter of a few weeks than ever before.

21.    You will discover that you ‘just need to survive’ as you try each and every way to get your baby to sleep and keep them asleep.

Post-Baby Recovery

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