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PregActive Has Had A Complete Makeover

PregActive Has Had A Complete Makeover. You spoke, and we heard you. Our priority is and always will be looking after the health and wellbeing of our amazing PregActive mamas.

Postpartum Core Strength Video You Can Do at Home

Without core strength, what good is anything else. Who wants toned arms and legs if you are unhappy with your bloated belly? It’s the foundation of our PregActive Method. Activate your core right FIRST and then everything else comes next. This is me in my baby boy’s room at three weeks postnatal.

Why Do I Still Look Pregnant? How to Fix it!

Why do I still look pregnant? Why do I have a mummy tummy? What is this postpartum pooch? There are lots of names for this but when it happens to you, there is no name that really gives you comfort. We just want to know what it is and how to get rid of it!

Working Out at Home After Childbirth – Our New Normal!

Working Out at Home After Childbirth. I love teaching my postpartum exercise classes in-studio and getting to chat to all my amazing mamas. Our PregActive community spirit is amazing and our inspiring tribe are still together – we’re all now just online.

Exercise After A C-Section Facts for Every Mama

When and How To Exercise After A C-Section. It is important you know how to exercise after a c-section and when you should start. It is also vital you are aware of what activities, movements and sports you can do, and which ones you must avoid.

Diatsasis recti Splints – Good? Bad? Here’s a Better Option

Diatsasis recti Splints - Good? Bad? Here's a Better Option. What is the purpose of a splint? Diatsasis recti splints being sold online describe the purpose of the splint as to “re-position" both the connective tissue and the separated muscles in a better position to make your diastasis recti smaller.

Diastasis Recti Surgery – Do I Need it? Your Options!

Ready to learn more about diastasis recti surgery and diastasis recti surgery complications? Do you feel that some of your current strategies just aren’t getting the results you need or deserve? Not having the confidence in your body to do what it needs to do can be very frustrating and doesn’t do much for your body confidence.

Can You Run after Pregnancy? Here’s Your Answer.

Can you run after pregnancy? Is it good for you? How will it impact on your recovery? These are all good questions that need to be addressed. In my podcast below I chat to our Women's Health Physio. Are you in a rush to get moving, and maybe going too hard too soon? I want you to take a moment now and remember yous should be focusing on your recovery first.

Boot Camp for Losing Baby Weight – Good or Bad?

Boot Camp for Losing Baby Weight - Good or Bad? I get it, you want to lose baby weight. But as a new mama your priority is about healing diastasis recti, stopping embarrassing leakage and regaining your strength.

Welcome to PregActive for Mamas

PregActive empowers mamas with safe, effective at-home postpartum workouts. Our innovative techniques are backed by scientific evidence and have been have been proven to help naturally heal injury-based diastasis recti along with common pregnancy related injuries. Got that unwanted post-baby tummy? Not feeling confident or sexy? Want to get back in shape and have some ‘me time?’ We’re here to help you.

Safe, effective at-home postpartum workouts. 8 Weeks Postpartum Photos

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We are excited to let you know that we have been working hard this past year to design, create and build our new PregActive membership website at Now, to reach and help all mamas, we are providing access to all prenatal + postpartum programs for only $4.50 / week!

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